Coffee gets personal …

March 16, 2012

Brands I Like, Frimfram

Sometimes it's the simple things...I’m a coffee addict, there’s no two ways about it! As a fan of high-end unique blends and high-street chains and everything in between as long as it’s good, tasty, properly made coffee:  freeze-dry alternatives simply don’t count.

This week , Starbucks rolled out its “Nice to Meet You” campaign, dove-tailing it with the new increase in the standard number of shots per Cup of Joe and it was marketing at its best.

I was greeted by my usual barista in Blackrock who , having taken my order wrote my name on the side of the take-out cup. I was no longer a “venti, no-fat, Cappuccino, with an extra shot, to go” but was “Caroline, who likes her coffee strong in the mornings.”

I  was also given a discount voucher for future visits, an information sheet on the New Standard (increased coffee content) and promotional details on the Starbucks Reward Card.

All in all, a slick, clever, marketing “how to” that any marcoms student could benefit from seeing in action.More than that, so much more than that however, was the customer service. The staff are always friendly, they remember my name (particularly apt given the focus of the new campaign), they’re chipper at a time of day when most of us are barely conscious and certainly not our “on form” best (as an early-morning commuter, I normally arrive in as one of their first customers), they remember what I like (extra hot for the final, on-foot, part of the commute), ask how my new job is going…  and so much more.

No amount of marketing savvy could have given wings to this campaign – it was the human touch that delivered and marked this week’s coffee experience out as truly different. For sure, that’s what they were aiming for, but it was in the friendly, genuine, staff-led execution that they truly excelled.  Well done Starbucks!

For more information on the new campaign, see Marketing Week’s article here.

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One Comment on “Coffee gets personal …”

  1. John Ivory (@JohnIvory) Says:

    Hi Caz – excellent example, eloquently presented, of what customer service should be all about. Front-line staff can make or break. Looks like Starbucks has nailed it.

    Now that you’ve returned after your short blog absence, hopefully you will bring us your thoughts more often!



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