June 12, 2015



*With updates by way of like-minded contributors! 

I’m very spoiled (and happily, I know it!) … I get to play with words and ideas for a living. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and what still gets me out of bed after the roughest of days and no matter what.

It’s like trying to catch smoke. To capture the faintest wisp of an idea, nurture it into a concept and make it come alive so vibrantly that (if I do my job well) you’re not only convinced it was yours all along but that it so naturally grew from within you that you can’t imagine a time when the idea, that idea, didn’t exist.

Part of the joy is wordplay… food for the brain and fuel for the imagination.

With this in mind, some fun for a Friday – how about some more descriptive collective nouns for the world around us? Some of mine below – would love to hear yours!


  • spin of special advisers
  • clipboard of consultants
  • smell of teenage boys
  • shellac of yummy mummys
  • cajole of store sales assistants
  • frown of accountants
  • tut of headmistresses
  • wail of babies
  • riff of guitarists
  • snot of toddlers
  • jam of jazz players
  • caution of solicitors
  • strike of trade unionists
  • prescription of medics
  • ebullient of chefs
  • wig of barristers
  • Rambo of rugby players
  • dive of (Premier League) footballers
  • pout of models
  • implausibility of politicians
  • beard of hipsters
  • aperture of photographers
  • wager of bankers
  • pluck of beauticians
  • regression of statisticians 
  • scaremonger of Daily Mail hacks
  • * snap of photographers 
  • veh-ik-ill of Gardaí (requires accented pronounciation)
  • absurdity or surrealists 
  • dilution of homeopaths (can be applied even if there is not a single homeopath left in the group)
  • nostalgia of historians

FYI, image above is an interrobang – a more interesting form of grammar mark!

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