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Speaking out, standing ground and shouting back is the only option: ceding territory to the trolls is a mistake

August 4, 2013

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Much has been written in the last number of weeks on twitter trolls, threats against women and the need to “take back Twitterville” as a community. Some of the commentary has been excellent in its balanced and rational approach – such as Marta Cooper’s piece in The Telegraph and Padraig Reidy’s commentary. Much of the […]

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In Twitterville everyone can hear you scream

October 10, 2011


I’ll admit it up front… I love Twitter, passionately, enthusiastically and at times, somewhat obsessively. I love the immediacy of it and see it as a great way of sharing views with people both well and lesser known to me in the “real world”, for breaking news and tracking interesting blogs. I see it as […]

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